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Christopher L. Adams

Environmental Field Technician

Isaac K. Afreh PhD

Air Quality Modeler

Lynn M. Alley

Atmospheric Scientist

Cathy E. Anthony

Director of Human Resources / Manager, Administration, Facilities, and Health & Safety Group

Jeff J. Beamish


Paul E. Benson PE

Senior Air Quality Scientist, Transportation Policy and Planning

Alexander Bernal

Environmental Field Technician

Tim R. Blakey

Design Lead

Steven G. Brown PhD

Vice President / Manager, Data Science Department / Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Charles A. Callebaut

Senior Accountant

Rodrigo A. Castillo

Group Manager, Software Development

Anthony M. Cavallaro

Senior Solutions Architect

Alan C. Chan

Vice President / Manager of AirNow and International Programs

Shih Ying (Changsy) Chang PhD

Air Quality Scientist

Melissa R. Chaveste

Atmospheric Scientist

Lyle R. Chinkin

Chief Scientist / Chief Executive Officer

Lisa M. Churchman

Software Engineer

Dana L. Coe

Litigation Services Program Lead

James A. Cooper

Systems Engineer

Kenneth J. Craig

Manager, Atmospheric and Emissions Modeling Group / Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Jennifer L. DeWinter

Atmospheric Scientist / Project Manager, Data Systems

Angela Del Ponte

Executive Assistant

Tim E. Doughty

Software Engineer

Douglas S. Eisinger PhD

Senior Vice President / Chief Scientist, Transportation Policy & Planning

Angela L. Ekstrand

Group Manager, Software Development

Garnet B. Erdakos PhD

Atmospheric Scientist / Project Manager

Maggie T. Gelosi

Contract Administrator

Cari L. Gostic

Air Quality Data Scientist

Hilary R. Hafner

Chief Operating Officer

Jane M. Harre

Vice President / Manager, Finance, Accounting, and Contracts Group / Controller

Christian T. Havranek

Software Engineer

Jeff A. Houk

Transportation / Air Quality Analyst and Emissions Modeler

ShihMing Huang

Group Manager, Wildland Fire and Smoke

Joey (Jiaoyan) Huang PhD

Air Quality Scientist

Steve T. Irwin


Taylor J. Jones

Environmental Field Technician

Noushin Khalilifar

Information Technology Administrator

Samantha J Kramer PhD

Air Quality Data Scientist

Tami L. Lavezzo

Vice President / Senior Scientist / Senior Project Manager

Frederick W. Lurmann

Chairman / Manager of Exposure Assessment Studies

Clinton P. MacDonald

President / Chief Scientist

Dylan L. Marcus

Software Engineer

Josette E. Marrero PhD

Manager, SoCal Field Group

Crystal D. McClure PhD

Atmospheric Scientist

Will S McCoy

Director of Business Strategy / Program Lead for Education and Outreach

David J. Miller PhD

Geospatial Data Scientist

Ryan C. Moffet PhD

Manager, NorCal Field Group

Anondo D. Mukherjee PhD

Air Quality Scientist

Gonzalo Parajon

Department Manager, Software Development

Nathan R. Pavlovic

Lead Geospatial Data Scientist / Project Manager

Bryan M. Penfold

Manager, Data Analysis Group / GIS Coordinator

Paul T. Roberts PhD

Senior Scientist

Olivia S. Ryder PhD

Atmospheric Scientist

Charles R. Scarborough

Air Quality Data Scientist

Steven R. Schill PhD

Air Quality Scientist

Jana L. Schwartz

Department Manager, Corporate Operations

Kevin M. Smith

Air Quality Field Technician / Project Manager

Arthur (Sky) Steiner

Environmental Field Technician

Michelle L. Stewart

Accounts Payable Specialist

Eric A. Sussman PE

Air Quality Engineer

Rick F. Sustek

Group Manager/IT & Software Operations

Lauren K. Tannenbaum

Technical Editor

Martin Tirona

Senior Operations Manager


Ruth Waltrip

Administrative Specialist

Ningxin Wang PhD

Air Quality Data Scientist

Bryant S. West

Technical Editor / Conference Coordinator

Chelsie Winborg

Environmental Field Technician

Eric D. Winegar PhD

Director of Industrial Services

Patrick H. Zahn

Forecasting Program Lead / Project Manager