Fully understand the near-road environment.

Sonoma Technology's integrated teams of air quality scientists, analysts, modelers, mapping specialists, and software engineers apply state-of-the-science tools and processes to assist our clients with near-road pollution issues.

Douglas S. Eisinger

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Douglas S. Eisinger
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Senior Vice President / Chief Scientist, Transportation Policy & Planning

Near-Road Emissions and Dispersion Modeling

Evaluate and minimize near-road pollution, which disproportionately affects disadvantaged and environmental justice communities. Our scientists develop high-quality emissions inventories and air quality assessments to provide fact-based solutions for near-road projects.

Emissions and Air Quality Analysis

Develop emissions inventories and near-road pollutant concentration estimates that reflect background concentrations and roadway impacts.

Mitigation Research

Identify cost-effective methods to mitigate near-road air pollution impacts, protect children and other sensitive groups, and enable project delivery and completion.

Vehicle Electrification

Estimate how electric vehicles reduce emissions, mitigate climate change, improve air quality, and advance environmental justice. We forecast fleet changes, model car and truck electrification scenarios, and evaluate community, state, and national outcomes.

Vehicle Fleet Forecasting

Identify factors governing electric vehicle adoption. Analyze scenarios to better accelerate electric vehicle fleet penetration.

Emissions Modeling

Forecast how light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle electrification affects emissions. Assess regulations to advance electric vehicle adoption. Understand shifts in exhaust vs. non-exhaust emissions.

Transportation Conformity and Air Quality Plan Support

Meet U.S. Clean Air Act requirements by assessing how electrification affects transportation and air quality plans.

Community and Environmental Justice Analyses

Understand how electric vehicle fleet penetration affects near-road air quality and disadvantaged communities.

Near-Road Air Quality Measurements

Measure real-world air quality adjacent to major roads. We design and implement short- to long-term measurement campaigns customized to answer your analysis questions.

Model-to-Monitor Comparisons

Collect and assess traffic, meteorological, and pollution data to understand the factors contributing to real-world pollution conditions and evaluate how well modeling tools simulate actual conditions.

Near-Road Impacts and Mitigation

Understand near-road pollutant concentrations; implement and track the effectiveness of mitigation approaches to reduce pollutant exposure; and communicate effective health protection measures to decision makers and the public.

Regulatory and Data Analysis Support

Leverage our technical expertise to solve your compliance and data analysis issues. Sonoma Technology has successfully worked with both industrial clients and regulatory agencies—our proven track record engenders a high level of trust in our analyses and allows us to help clients better understand and navigate the regulatory environment.

Conformity and NEPA Analysis

Understand the location and magnitude of emissions and air quality impacts to meet conformity and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis needs.

Litigation Support

Leverage Sonoma Technology's scientific knowledge and wide-ranging litigation support experience with our technical analysis and expert testimony. We have worked with attorneys from government agencies and private law firms for over two decades.

Health and Exposure Assessment Studies

Meet your research needs with in-depth exposure studies; map and visualize traffic-related emissions and air quality to assess public exposure and health impacts. Our study design services provide clients with plans and technical rationale for the collection of data most important for achieving study objectives.

Exposure Model Development

Identify how vehicle-related emissions are transformed in the atmosphere, resulting in air pollution exposure.

Emissions Inventory Evaluation and Improvement

Improve your emissions inventories. Sonoma Technology scientists have developed and refined methods to evaluate and improve current and forecast emissions.

Emissions Modeling

Quantify emissions from on-road vehicles, off-road equipment, and other pollution sources using the latest federal- and state-approved modeling tools.

Activity Data Collection (including Public Surveys)

Have confidence in your data results; we work with clients to collect a wide range of emissions-related activity data from sources such as cars, trucks, buses, and agricultural operations.

Software and Tool Development

Create a customized software tool solution to simplify project and regional-scale emissions and air quality analysis. Sonoma Technology develops, manages, and enhances software tools, decision support systems, and applications that are customized to meet our clients' scientific goals.

On-Road Emissions Model

Better estimate the on-road pollutant emissions from your transportation projects with software tools that quantify greenhouse gases, criteria pollutants, and mobile air source toxics emissions.

Scenario Analysis Tools

Develop specialized tools to support your scenario analyses for on- and off-road vehicle use.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Upgrade your air quality and emissions modeling with easy-to-use interfaces designed by our modeling and air quality experts.

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