Gain a more accurate understanding of emissions for your facility or region through emissions inventory development.

Sonoma Technology designs comprehensive air quality and exposure studies and develops highly resolved emissions inventories for criteria pollutants, greenhouse gases, and air toxics from stationary, on-road, non-road mobile, and natural sources.

Kenneth J. Craig

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Kenneth J. Craig
Kenneth J. Craig
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Manager, Atmospheric and Emissions Modeling Group / Principal Scientist

Emissions Inventory Development

Develop a detailed understanding of air emissions magnitudes to support air quality management plans, control measure assessments, and compliance actions.

Bottom-Up Emissions Estimation

Have confidence in your emissions estimates. Sonoma Technology is a leader in preparing and assessing emissions data for a range of air quality applications. We prepare high-quality emissions inventories by collecting emission factors and representative activity data for a variety of source types.

Top-Down Emissions Assessments

Improve your emission inventories. Sonoma Technology has developed and refined methods to find inaccuracies in existing inventories by comparing emissions estimates to ambient monitoring data or remote sensing data.

Emissions Modeling

Understand the spatial, temporal, and chemical characteristics of emissions data to support air quality modeling applications and health risk assessments.

Emissions Estimation Tools

Develop emissions estimates for project-, regional-, and national-scale analyses. Sonoma Technology prepares representative input data for state-of-the-science emissions estimation tools such as MOVES, EMFAC, and BEIS and applies these tools to meet our clients’ needs.

Emissions Modeling Software

Leverage Sonoma Technology’s extensive experience with emissions modeling software. Sonoma Technology scientists regularly employ EPA’s SMOKE model and related modeling software to prepare emissions inputs for a variety of modeling applications.

Software Development

Improve and automate emissions assessments and data visualization using customized software. Sonoma Technology develops, enhances, and manages a range of customized software tools, decision support systems, and other applications to meet each client's scientific goals.

Emissions Tools

Better characterize pollutant emissions; Sonoma Technology develops customized tools and data management solutions to support emissions and air quality research, project-level emissions assessments, and regulatory requirements.

Decision Support Systems

Use decision support software to support your air quality and land management planning. Sonoma Technology’s team of meteorologists, scientists, and software engineers build integrated systems that enable land and air quality managers to make informed decisions on activities that impact pollution levels.

Training Services

Build institutional knowledge and capacity through tailored training events and guidance materials. Sonoma Technology develops and presents webinars on emissions inventory development and air quality analyses to emissions scientists, analysts, and decision makers around the world.

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