Predict weather and air quality in your region to support decision making and protect public health.

For more than 20 years, Sonoma Technology meteorologists have produced air quality forecasts for a range of pollutants to support agencies across the United States.

Patrick H. Zahn

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Patrick H. Zahn
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Forecasting Program Lead / Project Manager

Air Quality Forecasting

Inform your community about air quality through customized forecasts. We work with government and industry clients to generate forecasts and alert the public, stakeholders, and decision makers about air pollution conditions and impacts.

Criteria-Pollutant Forecasting

Rely on Sonoma Technology’s forecasting experience, advanced models, and statistical tools to produce accurate and timely forecasts. From localized wintertime wood burning PM2.5 impacts, to summertime regional ozone events, to PM10 dust episodes, Sonoma Technology addresses the concerns for specific regions.

Public Outreach Support

Get the air quality information you need to address public and media inquiries and educate community members. Our forecasters provide up-to-date meteorological and air quality information.

Smoke Forecasting

Predict wildfire smoke impacts on air quality. Because smoke can have a significant and sudden impact, Sonoma Technology monitors fires daily and uses a customized in-house model that incorporates satellite-based fire detections to predict local- to national-scale smoke impacts on air quality.

Websites and Apps

Engage and inform the public with informative, customized websites, apps, graphics, and videos that show current and forecasted pollution levels.

Forecasting Tools

Use our innovative models and statistical tools to streamline your forecasting operations.

Statistical Tools

Better predict pollution levels using our automated statistical tools, which forecast Air Quality Index (AQI) levels based on predicted meteorological conditions. Sonoma Technology meteorologists employ machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify the meteorological parameters that are the best predictors of air quality for specific regions. These ML-based tools can be used to predict pollutant concentrations for ozone, PM2.5, or PM10; they can also be used to develop decision trees that help guide forecasters' decisions to issue air quality alert days.

Prescribed Burn Decision Support

Use meteorological and air quality models to support your management plans and predict how smoke from potential prescribed burns would affect air quality in your region.

The High Pressure Podcast

Sonoma Technology's forecasting team produces the High Pressure Podcast, which explores how weather impacts air quality and how air quality impacts people. Our forecasters discuss topics ranging from high-ozone events to long-range wildfire smoke transport, volcanic emissions, residential wood smoke, trans-Atlantic Saharan dust, and more!


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