Effectively manage your environmental data with customized software solutions.

Sonoma Technology provides a range of software consulting services, from data management and site hosting to the development and enhancement of software tools and applications. With the science behind a project driving the software development, we create truly customized solutions to meet your scientific goals.

Gonzalo Parajon

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Gonzalo Parajon
Call Gonzalo at 707-665-9900
Vice President / Department Manager, Software Development

Software and Tool Development

Develop customized software applications and tools to meet your specific needs. Our teams of scientists and software engineers work in close consultation to fully integrate the scientific goals of your project into our tool development.

Decision Support Systems

Use decision support software to support your management decisions. Our applications and tools have become international resources for decision makers and the public to access air quality, emissions, fire and smoke, and other environmental information.

Data Management and Analysis Applications

Visualize, manage, and quality-control real-time or historic data sets with our customized data management and analysis systems. Sonoma Technology's systems meet industry standards for security and can handle data sets from local to national scales.

eSIMS Electronic Logbook

Schedule, log, and track your monitoring network in one place with eSIMS, the electronic logbook for modern air quality monitoring. eSIMS provides secure, redundant assess to your information from anywhere, on any device.

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Website and Mobile Application Development

Engage and inform the public with relevant, vivid graphics and displays using a custom content management system.

Websites and Widgets

Design new websites, redesign existing sites, and develop widgets with a focus on functionality, usability, and maintainability. Sonoma Technology's website team offers expertise in user experience design, software architecture design, and graphic design.

User-Interface Design

Maximize website and application usability with clear and compelling designs. Environmental information is complex, and Sonoma Technology works with you to meet scientific goals and provide exceptional user experience.

Mobile Applications

Reach a larger audience with environmental information anywhere, at any time, on any device. Sonoma Technology designs applications for a range of mobile platforms.

Constant Communication

Connect with the public through mobile alerts, notifications, email service provider hosting, and additional public outreach services.

Data Services

Effectively manage your environmental data. Our team is trusted to provide sub-hourly data management services for some of the biggest environmental datasets in the world. Using the latest software and tools, our services include

  • Big data management
  • API development
  • Data fusion
  • Statistical computing and graphics development using the R language
  • Real-time data collection and processing
  • Sensor network monitoring and data acquisition
  • NOSQL and relational database development

Hosting Services

Optimize your website with a dedicated hosting service you can depend on. Sonoma Technology provides 24/7 reliable hosting services that can meet federal and industry-wide security standards. We work with clients around the world to provide hosting services through


  • Public cloud hosting using Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Google web services
  • Private cloud hosting
  • GovCloud hosting

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