Community Air Monitoring

Community Air Monitoring

Sonoma Technology works with communities to help secure grant funding.

We work with community members to design comprehensive air quality solutions, including measurement campaigns, data analyses, community websites, and workforce trainings. Watch our Community Grant Funding video to learn more.

Steve G. Brown

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Steve G. Brown
Call Steve at 707-665-9900
Vice President / Manager, Data Science Department / Senior Atmospheric Scientist

Air Pollution Monitoring

Take action to improve air quality and protect children’s health. Through community air monitoring campaigns, we provide science-based evidence to help engage decision makers and the community, and create scientifically sound action plans for positive change.

Study Design

Identify and understand the health effects of pollution exposure within your community. Sonoma Technology designs, conducts, and reports on scientifically valid air quality measurement studies.

Air Monitoring Funding

We partner with air districts and community groups to secure funding and develop air pollution monitoring and improvement projects.

Regulatory Mandates

Partner with a leader in real-time fenceline air quality monitoring. Our work directly supports deployment and field operations to meet legislative and regulatory community air monitoring mandates.

Assembly Bill (AB) 617

Measure exposure in communities of interest under AB 617 and the California Air Resource Board’s Community Air Protection Program (CAPP). Leverage low-cost sensors to identify and assess air quality problems.

Rule 1180

Develop an air monitoring system that meets the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Rule 1180 for Refinery Fenceline Air Monitoring Plan Guidelines.

Regulation 12-15

Establish an air monitoring system to monitor, record, and report air pollution levels to meet the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Regulation 12, Rule 15: Petroleum Refining Emissions Tracking (Regulation 12-15).

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