Characterize and predict atmospheric conditions to support your weather-sensitive projects.

Sonoma Technology's team of meteorologists has experience with meteorological forecasting measurements, modeling, instrument audits, and real-time weather network operation.

Alan C. Chan

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Alan C. Chan
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Meteorological Measurements

Gather higher-resolution data to better understand and characterize atmospheric conditions to support meteorological forecasting for a variety of air quality, renewable energy, transportation, and emergency response applications.

Network Design

Optimize your network to gather meaningful data in a cost-effective manner.


Instrument Audit/Calibration

Ensure high-quality data and high data recovery rates with routine audit and calibrations of meteorological instruments.

Instrument Operations

Leverage Sonoma Technology's expertise to manage your instrument networks with routine maintenance, instrument repairs, calibrations, audits, and data processing and management.

Instrument Leases

Save money by leasing meteorological instruments, including radar wind profilers, ceilometers, sodars, microwave radiometers, and traditional surface meteorological stations. STI's instrument experts will help you through every step of your project.

eSIMS Electronic Logbook

Schedule, log, and track your monitoring network in one place with eSIMS, the electronic logbook for modern air quality monitoring. eSIMS provides secure, redundant assess to your information from anywhere, on any device.

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Meteorological Modeling

Use our customized operational forecast models to predict weather conditions for timely decision making. Support your air quality management with case study modeling, and identify meteorological conditions that influence emission control strategies, source receptor relationships, and long-range pollutant transport.

Meteorological Analysis

Better understand the atmospheric processes that affect your area and how these processes influence the transport and dispersion of air pollutants on a local-to-regional scale.

Software and Website Development

Effectively manage your meteorological data with a customized software solution. Sonoma Technology develops, manages, and enhances software tools, decision support systems, and applications that are customized to meet our clients' scientific goals.

Air Quality Websites

Engage and inform the public with informative, vivid websites and graphics using a custom content management system.

Data Systems

Use decision support software to facilitate air quality management planning.

Mobile App Development

Reach a larger audience with environmental information anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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