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Vice President / Department Manager, Software Development
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Gonzalo joined Sonoma Technology in 2012 and currently manages the Software Development Department. His primary duties include overseeing the day-to-day operations of his team, as well as working with multi-disciplinary teams to drive technical innovation and high-quality software solutions. He has contributed to the testing and development of several software projects for government agencies and private organizations, such as the performance testing of the Integrated Fuels Treatment Decision Support System. He has also been a key contributor in the incorporation of new software testing and automation tools at Sonoma Technology.
As a motorcycle enthusiast, Gonzalo loves to explore the back roads of Sonoma County in search of the next best hidden secret. As a proud member of the unofficial Sonoma Technology soccer team, he regards himself as a die-hard soccer fan and enjoys debating game highlights. He earned a BS in Computer Science and graduated with distinction from Sonoma State University.
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Gonzalo Parajon
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Gonzalo Parajon
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