BlueSky Playground for Interactive Smoke Modeling on the Web

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BlueSky Playground for Interactive Smoke Modeling on the Web
Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP)
USDA Forest Service
The BlueSky smoke modeling framework allows fire and smoke managers to estimate and forecast the potential smoke impacts, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, from prescribed burns and wildfires. Sonoma Technology worked closely with the AirFire team of the USDA Forest Service to develop the <a href="" target="_blank">BlueSky Playground</a> web application, which provides easy access to the complex models within BlueSky to prescribed burn practitioners and land managers. BlueSky Playground allows users to specify basic information about their planned fires and examine forecasted smoke and air quality impacts to assist in burn/no-burn decisions.
The BlueSky Playground supports decision makers in the following ways:
<li>Provides easy web access to a sophisticated chain of fire emissions models without the need to download software or data</li>
<li>Provides access to a running archive of forecasted meteorological model data for running air quality models</li>
<li>Provides facilities for sharing run settings and results with colleagues and partners</li>


ShihMing Huang

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ShihMing Huang
Manager, Wildland Fire and Smoke Program / Senior Air Quality Scientist