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Manager, Wildland Fire and Smoke Program / Senior Air Quality Scientist
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In 2008, ShihMing began his career at Sonoma Technology to investigate air pollution exposures and the impact of wildland fires on air quality. He has applied his analytical, research, and project management skills on diverse projects such as producing national air toxics trends, creating national-scale greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions inventories for wildland fires, estimating regional and traffic air pollution exposures, and developing software and web tools to support air quality management. ShihMing’s passion for improving the environment stems from his love of nature. When not crunching numbers, he enjoys hiking, camping, and trying new things.
ShihMing is a member of the American Geophysical Union and the International Association of Wildland Fire. He holds a BS in Biological Sciences from San Jose State University and an MS in Environmental Science from California State University, Chico.
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ShihMing Huang
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ShihMing Huang
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