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Hilary, with Sonoma Technology since 1989, has led the development of data validation, data analysis, and monitoring network assessment guidance, building on over three decades of real-world experience with air quality data. She especially enjoys helping state, local, and tribal air quality monitoring agencies measure, understand, and improve their air quality. Her goal is to help clients maximize data usefulness within their available resources. Hilary serves as Sonoma Technology’s Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Secretary. Hilary swims with a local masters team—challenges have included swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco, national and world competitions, and swims off the coasts of Spain, Croatia, and Sardinia.
Hilary co-chaired the 2010 Air & Waste Management Association Symposium on Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology. She earned her BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering at Oregon State University and University of California at Los Angeles, respectively.
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Hilary R. Hafner
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Hilary R. Hafner
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