Aerosol Magee Scientific Black Carbon Analyzers

Aerosol Magee Scientific Black Carbon Analyzers

The Magee Scientific Aethalometer® is the instrument most used globally to measure light-absorbing Black (or Elemental) carbon aerosol particles in real time.

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With more than 40 years of experience, Aerosol Magee Scientific is a world leader in developing instruments for measuring carbonaceous aerosols in the atmosphere. Magee Scientific instruments are installed in more than 70 countries across the world, and are used by scientific institutions, environmental monitoring agencies, industrial controllers, and many other applications to measure carbonaceous aerosols. Our partnership combines Sonoma Technology's extensive experience in installing instruments and managing field measurement programs with Aerosol Magee Scientific's engineering and manufacturing expertise. Our dedicated team of scientists and application specialists can work with you to design, implement, manage, and support your measurement programs throughout the life cycle of your project.

Aerosol Magee Scientific Publications

Aerosol Magee Scientific has a scientifically proven approach to the measurement and research of carbonaceous aerosols. Their instruments have provided data for nearly 8,000 published scientific papers and reports. The link at right shows a selection of publications that used data from Aerosol Magee Scientific instruments to better understand carbonaceous aerosols and their impacts on human health and communities around the world.


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