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Sonoma Technology is the authorized exclusive sales and service partner for Aerosol Magee Scientific d.o.o. in the United States. This includes sales and service support for a variety of carbonaceous aerosol products and innovations, including:

  • NEW AE36 and AE36s: Aerosol Magee Scientific’s newest Aethalometers® have advanced features that increase understating of PM air pollution, with less workload to operate. Demos are available now!
  • AE33: The most used instrument in the world for collecting real-time measurements of aerosol black carbon.
  • AE43: The brand-new portable black carbon monitor.
  • TCA08: A revolutionary new instrument that measures the Total Carbon content of aerosol particles.
  • Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System (CASS): A unit that combines the TCA08 Total Carbon analyzer and the AE33 Aethalometer.
  • DRI Model 2015 (Series 2): This instrument quantifies organic carbon, elemental carbon (also termed black carbon), and temperature-separated carbon fractions on aerosol filter deposits.

In addition to these state-of-the-science analyzers, we provide a full complement of supplies, accessories, and services for these instruments, including full maintenance service and repair.

Contact: Dan Ruth, 707-665-9900 Ext. 686.

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Contact us regarding any sales or service needs, or for information on the full line of Aerosol Magee Scientific analyzers and instruments. We look forward to learning about your work and finding the right instrumentation for your specific needs.


Dan C. Ruth

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Dan C. Ruth
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