Steve T. Irwin

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Steve joined Sonoma Technology as a Meteorologist in 2020. He is responsible for issuing air quality forecasts for a variety of pollutants in several cities across the United States, and he produces monthly and yearly air quality summaries for select locations. Steve is also skilled in building and updating air quality forecasting tools using machine learning and creative data visualizations.<br>
Steve has been forecasting air quality since 2010. While working at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Steve was the lead software developer for Minnesota’s award-winning statewide air quality forecasting system. He earned his BS in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and is a member of the American Meteorological Society. Born and raised in California, Steve enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors, skiing, fly-fishing, hiking, and body boarding.
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Steve T. Irwin
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Steve T. Irwin
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