Patrick H. Zahn

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Forecasting Program Lead / Project Manager
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With Sonoma Technology since 2007, Patrick has served as Lead Forecaster since 2011. He oversees daily air quality forecast operations for 15 cities across the country, conducts meteorological and air quality analyses for high pollution episodes, and coordinates with state and local air quality agencies and media when high pollution episodes are forecast. Patrick also applies his statistical expertise to air quality mapping and is currently developing techniques to improve air quality maps by merging satellite and model data with ground-based pollutant concentration estimates. Patrick leads Sonoma Technology’s air quality video services as well, producing outreach and analysis web videos for local air quality agencies and the U.S. EPA.
Outside of Sonoma Technology, Patrick is a competitive cyclist, participating regularly in regional races with his Sonoma County-based team. He earned a BSE (magna cum laude) in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Princeton University and an MS in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington, where his research focused on regional climate modeling in the Pacific Northwest.
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Patrick H. Zahn
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Patrick H. Zahn
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