Press Release: Union Park Capital announces investment in Sonoma Technology

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Contact: Clinton P. MacDonald, President,

Petaluma, CA – September 29, 2021. Sonoma Technology, Inc. (“Sonoma Technology”) is pleased to announce it has received a majority investment from Union Park Capital (“Union Park”), a Boston-based private equity firm focused on lower middle-market industrial technology investments. Sonoma Technology will serve as the core and initial asset in Union Park’s newly created holding company, Spheros Environmental Group (“Spheros”).

“Sonoma Tech Management have done a fantastic job building a business with a great reputation for delivering valuable products and services,” notes Peter McGuire, Partner and Founder at Union Park. “We’re excited to partner with Sonoma Tech and will look to build upon the business’s deep technical knowledge, strong culture of customer service, and existing management capability to embark on the next phase of growth. We are enthused to begin the journey with such a strong foundation and look forward to working with the Sonoma Tech team,” said Peter.

As an expert in air quality and atmospheric sciences, Sonoma Technology provides innovative environmental consulting, software, and monitoring services to a wide variety of end-markets. Since 1982, Sonoma Technology has solved their clients’ challenges in various applications from designing, installing, and operating emissions monitoring systems for refineries, to producing accurate air quality forecasts and models for a range of governmental organizations. With a focus on advanced innovative technology and customer satisfaction, Sonoma Technology is a leader in the environmental sciences and services market.

“The Union Park Capital team has extensive experience investing in companies that focus on the environment,” Says Clinton MacDonald, President of Sonoma Technology. “The two organizations are deeply aligned and are committed to strengthening our business growth. Union Park selected Sonoma Technology because of our experience, employees, and leadership, and believe that we have the right team to positively impact the environment on a much larger scale. Union Park is investing capital and resources to drive our growth initiatives forward, and the result will be a wealth of new products and services for our customers and clients.”

Union Park has committed their support to the existing Sonoma Technology leadership team, which will continue in its current role. “The transaction is well aligned with the long-term strategy of Sonoma Technology to foster continued growth. Through Union Park Capital, we have secured the necessary resources and expertise to expand our product and service capabilities,” notes Lyle Chinkin, CEO of Sonoma Technology. “Our customers will continue to see the same company and people that they have always known, but we will have a greater service capacity and product line to serve their needs – which is critically important to us.”

About Sonoma Technology
Sonoma Technology was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Petaluma, California. Sonoma Technology specializes in providing environmental solutions with a particular focus on air quality and atmospheric sciences. For more information visit

About Union Park Capital
Union Park Capital is a private equity firm solely focused on lower middle-market industrial technology companies. Union Park takes a long-term perspective to help stakeholders build value over time and drives value creation through profitably growing a business, not financial engineering. Union Park Capital is based in Boston, MA, and has extensive investments and expertise in the environmental sector. For more information visit