Bryan M. Penfold

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Manager, Data Analysis Group / GIS Coordinator
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For more than 10 years, Bryan has managed, maintained, and coordinated activities relating to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He acts as a primary point of contact for GIS matters and serves as the GIS technical resource for Sonoma Technology staff and clients. Bryan concentrates on geographical data processing, analysis, and display to assess the relationship between spatial patterns in air quality and human health impacts for a variety of epidemiological studies. His enthusiasm for teaching the importance of spatial data quality and accuracy has helped produce an exceptional collection of GIS users at Sonoma Technology.
Bryan is a member of the Association of American Geographers, Air and Waste Management Association, the ESRI North Bay GIS User Group, and the Golden Key International Honor Society. He earned his BA in Geography from Sonoma State University and his MBA with a concentration in Environmental Management from Ashford University.
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Bryan M. Penfold
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Bryan M. Penfold
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