To: Timothy S. Dye
Sonoma Technology, Inc.

Timothy S. Dye, CCM
Senior Vice President /
Chief Business Development Officer

Tim, with STI since 1990, provides strategic and senior oversight of our operational and public outreach and education programs, and oversees our domestic and international business development activities. For more than a decade, Tim has directed his knowledge and creativity toward the design and development of innovative information systems, such as AirNow, AirNow-International, and SmogCity2. He is a recognized leader in low-cost, citizen-based air quality monitoring, and has led many efforts involving low-cost air sensors that include evaluating sensor performance, demonstrating real-world applications of this new technology, and creating an educational program called Kids Making Sense. His enthusiasm for finding ways to communicate air quality information effectively also led him to explore the fusion of environment, technology, and art in our everyday world.

Tim is accredited by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist. He serves on the Management Review Board for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Cooperative Research and Development Agreement as well as AMS’s Board on the Urban Environment and Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists. He earned BS and MS degrees in Meteorology from Millersville University and Penn State, respectively.