Sonoma Technology, Inc.

Our Team

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Aaron L. Cheever Software Engineer
Alan C. Chan Manager of AirNow and International Programs
Alan N. Healy Manager, Software Engineering Group
Angela L. Ekstrand Software Engineer
Annie F. Seagram Air Quality Scientist
Anondo D. Mukherjee Air Quality Intern
Anthony M. Cavallaro Software Engineer / Project Manager
Barbara A. Austin Executive Vice President / Chief Administrative Officer /
Manager, Corporate Services Division
Bryan M. Penfold Manager, Air Quality and Exposure Group /
GIS Coordinator
Bryant S. West Technical Editor
Cathy E. Anthony Manager, Human Resources & Administration Group
Clinton P. MacDonald Manager, Meteorology, Measurements, and Outreach Division
Cole S. Obremski Administrative Specialist
Dana L. Coe Senior Atmospheric Scientist / Senior Project Manager
David L. Vaughn Senior Air Quality Field Technician / Senior Project Manager
Donald L. Blumenthal, PhD Chairman Emeritus
Douglas S. Eisinger, PhD Vice President /
Chief Scientist, Transportation Policy & Planning
Frederick W. Lurmann Chairman / Manager of Exposure Assessment Studies
Garnet B. Erdakos, PhD Atmospheric Scientist
Gonzalo Parajon Software Engineer
Hilary A. Minor Atmospheric Scientist
Hilary R. Hafner Senior Vice President
Jana L. Schwartz Manager, Publications Group
Jane M. Harre Controller
Manager, Accounting Group
Jennifer L. DeWinter Atmospheric Scientist / Project Manager
Jerry A. Anderson Director (Retired)
James A. Cooper Systems Engineer
Joan E. Larsen Manager, Project Management Office/Contracts Group
Jonathan W. West Software Engineer
Justin S. Dumas Meteorologist
Kameron C. Jacobsen Administrative Specialist
Kenneth J. Craig Manager, Atmospheric Modeling Group /
Senior Atmospheric Scientist
Kevin M. Smith Meteorological Field Technician
Kevin H. Ting Software Engineer
Levi G. Stanton Air Quality Scientist
Project Manager
Lisa M. Churchman Software Engineer Intern
Lyle R. Chinkin President
Lynn M. Baringer Atmospheric Scientist
Maggie T. Gelosi Contract Specialist
Marcus W. Hylton Meteorologist
Marcy A. Protteau Technical Editor
Mary Jo Teplitz Senior Technical Editor
Matt Beach Manager, Software Engineering and Information Technology Division
Max D. Dillon Field Technician
Michael D. Haderman Manager, Software Engineering Group
Michael C. McCarthy, PhD Senior Atmospheric Scientist / Project Manager
Nathan R. Pavlovic Air Quality Scientist
Noushin Khalilifar Information Technology Administrator
Patrick H. Zahn Meteorologist / Lead Forecaster / Project Manager
Paul T. Roberts, PhD Executive Vice President / Chief Scientific Officer
Corporate Quality Assurance Officer
Paul E. Benson, PE Senior Air Quality Scientist, Transportation Policy and Planning
ShihMing Huang Air Quality Scientist / Project Manager
Song Bai, PhD, PE Senior Air Quality Scientist / Project Manager
Stephen B. Reid, QEP Manager, Environmental Modeling Division
Steven G. Brown, PhD Manager, Environmental Analysis Division
Tami L. Lavezzo Manager, Fire and Fuels Science Programs
Senior Project Manager
Theresa E. O'Brien Air Quality Scientist
Tim R. Blakey Graphic Designer
Timothy S. Dye, CCM Senior Vice President /
Chief Business Development Officer
L. Willard Richards, PhD Vice President Emeritus
Yuan Du Atmospheric Scientist