Demonstrating the capability of the latest real-time monitoring technology, the EPA's Village Green Project helps residents and citizen scientists learn about air quality in their communities. A pilot station (in the form of a park bench), measures local air quality, delivers real-time information about current conditions, and increases public awareness about air pollution. Installed outside a public library in Durham, North Carolina, the pilot station collects air quality (ozone and particle pollution) and meteorological data (wind speed and direction, humidity, and temperature) using state-of-the-art solar- and wind-powered instruments.
These minute-to-minute measurements are streamed from the pilot station to AirNow, quality controlled, and displayed in real time on the STI-developed Village Green website. Using the AirNow infrastructure, STI engineered this interactive, mobile-friendly website to display up-to-the-minute information in a format easily accessible to the public.
Since the launch of the pilot station, the Village Green Project has expanded to eight locations across the U.S. to broaden local monitoring capabilities and to increase community awareness of local air quality conditions.