Since 2014, STI has been assessing near-road air quality, conducting emissions and air quality modeling, and providing near-road support services for a Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) led by WSDOT. The TPF partnership also includes the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and state Departments of Transportation from Arizona, California, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.
Our work for the TPF includes developing tools, analyses, and other materials to address near-road requirements. Our peer-reviewed publications discuss our findings on forecasted emissions and measured U.S. near-road air quality. We have helped the TPF partnership better understand (1) emissions data in order to identify situations in which traffic will not create air quality problems; (2) modeled vs. measured near-road air quality; (3) the potential air quality benefits of near-road barriers (sound walls and vegetation); and (4) U.S. near-road air quality trends. To support our sponsors, STI also developed an information-exchange website for transportation and air quality planners, and presented research findings at numerous venues, including the U.S. Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting.