Sonoma Technology, Inc.
Our Charter

STI's objective is to provide high-quality, innovative, science-based solutions for air quality, meteorological, and other environmental needs worldwide in an ethical and objective manner to facilitate effective environmental management.

The STI approach is:

To maintain technical excellence and an outstanding reputation.
   To attract high-level, highly productive staff with a supportive, bureaucracy-free, rewarding environment.
   To operate at the forefront of science and technology.
   To always perform sound science and engineering.
   To maintain a high level of technical respect and visibility through publications and technical meetings.
   To develop complementary, synergistic teams with the highest level of technical expertise.
   To encourage contacts and joint projects with universities and other groups with complementary expertise.
   To take personal responsibility for quality.
   To ensure that our work is ethical, honest, objective, innovative, understandable, and practical.
   To ensure that our clients understand our work and its implications and that our work is used ethically and effectively.
   To be respectful of our clients and staff.

 To satisfy our clients.
   To understand and be responsive to our clients' needs.
   To perform projects within our clients’ time-scale and budget.
   To clearly convey our results in a way that is useful to our clients.
   To provide high-quality, useful, and practical products and services.
   To listen, act, and deliver.

To maintain strength through diversity.
   To develop a diverse technological base with focused expertise in a range of complementary disciplines.
   To identify future market needs and to develop or seek out the people and technologies to address those needs.
   To leverage research and development projects to generate new products and services.        
   To focus on market areas where we have something unique to offer.

To provide an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.
   To provide a congenial, nurturing, and appreciative community.
   To keep STI flexible and minimize bureaucracy.
   To have an open decision-making process.
   To recognize and reward business and scientific achievements.
   To provide growth paths for career advancement.
   To foster teamwork and communication throughout the company.
   To provide a stable work environment, competitive salaries, and as much financial security as possible for our staff.
   To provide adequate support services for our technical staff.
   To be an asset to the community.
   To remain employee owned and directed.

To be financially sound and profitable.
   To be fiscally conservative and fiscally responsible.
   To have employees have a financial interest in the success of the company.
   To maintain a fair and competitive rate structure.
   To be cost effective.
   To have project managers understand STI finances and be responsible for the profitability of the business.
   To continually invest in new business, hiring, and staff-development opportunities.
   To have a strategy for long-term ownership and leadership transition.
   To maintain a mix of research, development, services, and products that provides stability and maintains profitability
   and cash flow.